Why Flower Crowns?

Do you have a baby shower, bachelorette party, or birthday celebration coming up? Or maybe just need a little inspiration on what to have planned for your next event? Well, look no further because flower crowns are sure to give you just what you’re looking for.

With their stunning colors and infinite floral combinations your guest will be in awe of what they can create. As if you really needed another excuse as to why you need flower crowns at your next event, here are ten reasons why they are sure to be a hit!

photo courtesy: Glitter & Bubbles

1. Thank you gift: No more worrying about what to give your guest as a thank you for attending a gathering. A special something that they’ve created themselves is a gift everyone will appreciate.

2. Bring people together: What better way to join people together than to have something where they can really be a part of the festivities.

3. Picture perfect: Why use a snapchat filter when you can get the real thing? Having you and your guest decked out in hand-made flower crowns make the perfect excuse for a fun photo op and can really bring the Pinterest vibes to your party.

4. Makes the person’s day extra special: Everyone wants something a little extra on their special day. So, what better way to top it off other than with a flower crown in order for you guest of honor to get the attention they deserve.

photo courtesy: Wandering Anchor

5. Something to do together can kill time instead of opening gifts: Opening gifts in front of everyone can oftentimes be a bit awkward or even boring for all those watching. Having an activity planned, like making crowns, is the perfect way to replace gift opening.

6. Making memories: Though whatever occasion you are celebrating is sure to be special, what people are really going remember is bonding over something they all have to look back on. Making flower crowns together will for sure be an experience that will make your gathering one to remember.

7. Enjoyable for any age: It can be difficult to find an activity that caters to everyone. So, whether your celebration includes those who are six or sixty, creating flower crowns is an activity that everyone can be involved in.

8. Walk away with a new skill: What better way to leave an event than with a new skill? Not only will you be able to say you learned how to make a crown but you will learn just how creative you are.

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