Flower Crowns for Fall

Gone are the days of sunshine, bright tulips patches, and red rose bushes—the seasons are changing. Many people think that as the warmer seasons leave us that creating a fall or winter flower crown can be more challenging, but let’s not forget about the beautiful earthy tones that make for the perfect fall flower crown.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how you can transition a crown into the autumn season, follow these tips!

1) Think Richer Hues: Change in season means a change in color palette, so focus on jewel-tones. Gravitating towards like deeper shades of reds and purples will help to keep the crown romantic and fall appropriate.

2) Don’t be Afraid of Greenery: Adding some greenery to your fall flower crown can really add some texture and dimension. Plus, greenery will add a more rustic touch to really make the fall vibes stand out.

3) Use the Right Flowers: Aside from the colors, the type of flowers play a big part in making your crown ready to wear for the cooler months. Get inspired by Italian rustic arrangements to keep things elegant, while maintaining the rich autumnal palette

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